The International Cricket Council is going through a scenario in which it has no revel in, each time there is large cash the ICC seems to scratch its head. The ICC desires to make a window time table for 20-20 Indian Premier League Cricket; this have become a forced entry in their 10-year FTP (Future Tours Program), just whilst the ICC is sitting to talk about about a window schedule for the IPL, now comes every other feasible league called EPL from England that is a los angeles IPL with extra teams & extra money.

Cricket is reaping rewards plenty with cash & slowly Cricketers personal Million dollar homes. The essential worry that is plaguing ICC officials is once more the money from the leagues, if this preserve continuing new age Cricketers could be extra into league Cricket than playing for their united states. Presently Cricketers feel proud to represent their state, but inside the future it’ll be just like football in which people from distinctive countries will guide the league teams.

The time has come for the ICC to stability its act; they must now forestall countrywide boards of all major check playing international locations from making further leagues, placed a cap with just the IPL & the approaching EPL to run as registered leagues. Unless they get robust, all forums will begin making their personal leagues & damage Cricket for money. As it’s miles Cricket is slowly losing its conventional UFABET gamesmanship & gentleman’s recreation with the appearance of 20-20 cricket. The ICC is not able to decide whether to support the 20-20 leagues or the conventional styles of the game, 20-20 leagues supply more sales to ICC than the conventional Test cricket. The verdict needs to pop out earlier than later. Earlier the ICC changed into complaining that they lack funds to improve the game, now it’s far high time they use it well with the aid of keeping the game alive & no longer make it a 20-20 circus.

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