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No Excuses allowed. Get effects while you refuse to simply accept excuses.

I’m not saying just play tough ball, nor do we slap fingers while human beings come in with an excuse. It’s simply that once there’s an excuse we are looking at the wrong stop of the problem.

When I work with top execs or managers and their teams to enhance their remaining outcomes, their results, I continually ask every person, “Name the traits of an awesome leader.” I’m seeking out one foremost feature . . . That top leaders “get results” regardless of what.

The critical a part of all of that is that an awesome chief knows whilst to apply what device, and the way to method his followers in order that he constantly receives outcomes, and, in reality, gets those outcomes within the most efficient way.

Now, allow’s communicate approximately excuses. If a frontrunner ALWAYS receives outcomes then how do we deal with the truth that some of our followers have an excuse for why they did not supply? In many times, the excuse sounds affordable and unavoidable. But is it? Or should we also be asking if it’s far reasonable? When a person gives us an excuse and it sounds affordable what can we nonetheless say approximately that? Sometimes

It may additionally sound reasonable
At other times we query whether or not it was reasonable, or whether or not it absolutely is an EXCUSE in place of a real occasion that got within the manner.
What happens while we question the individual as to whether it became avoidable, or really reasonable? It likely way struggle and confronting them. It additionally puts their honesty unsure doesn’t it? So, both we don’t challenge them, just accept it . . . Or it can take time to dig into the fact of the scenario, to play detective to test out their tale. That takes day trip of our day whilst the reason we requested them to do some thing it turned into that we requested them to do turned into to take a load off people and reduce our time dedication. Sort of counter efficient.

Another preference that leaders, executives, managers, supervisors, frequently make is, rather than confronting the man or woman, or taking the time to play detective, they trust that it is a great deal easier to simply ACCEPT anything B.S. They may be instructed and now not face the conflict. The quit result is that excuses turn out to be a way of existence. And, most leaders will let you know just that. But does it absolutely count number whether the rationale is legitimate or no longer? Who virtually cares? What subjects is that the RESULTS had been NOT executed whilst you needed it.

The results of no longer delivering exist whether there may be an excuse or no longer. So, does it without a doubt rely whether or not the excuse seems legitimate or no longer? The last outcome you wanted failed to appear. And the closing outcome that did appear may also have dire results . . . Whether or not there is a legitimate excuse or now not. So, getting consequences is all that simply counts.

Why it failed to take place isn’t always vital. The maximum important component is that we failed to get the RESULTS. So how will we address this? As I stated, a frontrunner always receives outcomes, and you, as a leader ought to usually have that consciousness. What do you observed might manifest if each one of these you lead felt the identical way? They ALWAYS get outcomes!!!! Wouldn’t they supply no matter having troubles? In reality, should not they expect issues and keep away from them through coaching and planning? So, allow’s take a look at how we’ve handled this.

What would show up if excuses aren’t allowed? I’m now not speakme about the reality that “things occur”, because things do happen.

However, all of the issues I stated above are looking at the wrong stop of the picture. They are all “searching lower back” after the event that caused the excuse has occurred. What might occur if we look forward to how we should put together to avoid troubles before they happen? Wouldn’t an excuse then simplest represent the reality that we did not plan well sufficient? Therefore, what would take place if we stated, “No excuses allowed”?

In different phrases, excuses are avoidable if we plan nicely. No excuses allowed! How commonly have human beings been overdue for work and said, “It was visitors,” or “a person else were given in the manner or did something” or whilst you had been depending upon a person else to deliver part of the project but they didn’t, or they didn’t supply on time? Could any of that be prevented by using proper planning? Of direction! Most of it may.

The excuse that a person was past due for work “due to visitors” is much more likely due to the reality that they did not go away for work in time to permit for the version that takes place in visitors. In other phrases, it can had been averted. It may additionally typically take you 30 minutes to force to paintings, however once per week or so, due to a funeral that were given within the manner, or a few different trade in traffic it’s going to take 45 minutes, or even an hour.

At paintings that day you were to fulfill with a crucial purchaser, and by the time to procure there, they had already left. The price might have been thousands and thousands of greenbacks. It could even mean your task . . . Or a person else’s job that you had been accountable to. So, whose fault is it? Not the visitors! The only element that mattered become that you purchased results, or didn’t get consequences, not that you had been past due or who’s fault it become.

When we’re watching for someone else to deliver, did we have an agreement in area of what was to occur if and when the time table was in jeopardy? Did we make it clear what the effect to the employer, to us, would be? Do we’ve an agreement of just how critical it’s miles and what the backup plan might be if we find ourselves behind schedule?

When something happens that is truely catastrophic and unavoidable, IF we have planned for the unknown we are prepared while it does appear. Let’s say that there is a demise within the circle of relatives of one in every of your most essential humans. If they’ve made positive that there’s someone prepared to take over it might not be that a good deal of a trouble (at the least at paintings, now the employee can deal with his personal issues, and probably just make one smartphone call to hand it we plan initiatives with room for a bit slippage, whilst some thing unforeseen takes place we’re now not devastated. When a vendor has a hassle. No important slip up takes place.

Sometimes, we, as leaders, think that those we work with may additionally manage the situation just as we’d, but, regularly inside the heads of our fans it just isn’t that crucial, so whilst it slips, they just go on about their enterprise as common. Yet, because the chief who continually grants outcomes, while something did happen to jeopardize the schedule even when we did everything to go it off, we would likely have shifted priorities or labored over to make certain it changed into completed.

For your followers to keep in mind that, we must have an agreement in place of just how important it is, wherein this fits within the priorities (they may must circulate something else out of the way to make THIS happen, or they will have to work over). In different words, excuses are avoidable by way of preplanning. No excuses allowed. Not from our own outcomes, nor from people who follow us as their leader.

We’ve pointed out VISION and what the quit result and the path to that stop end result appear like. Well, if we make it clean that for absolutely everyone who is accountable to us “no excuses allowed” and show them that it is their duty to deliver once they have agreed to deliver on time then we have taken the first step to making sure that “there are no excuses” and that we always get results. All that topics is RESULTS.

That occurs with the aid of making sure the pre making plans-that is, the machine and the processes-are accurate and in area in advance, that we’ve got mutual agreements, prioritization, backup plans, information of what the outcomes are for no longer living up to the agreements. When the setup, the preplanning is accurate, the systems are then in location to seriously lessen the hazard of excuses . . . And the RESULTS comply with. No Excuses allowed – continually get results yourself and with your group.

When I say, all that be counted is effects, I regularly get a few that say, but what approximately the humans, sympathy, maintaining relationships, and treating human beings right? Doesn’t this “no excuses” method work in opposition to maintaining relationships and assisting our employees?

NO! We aren’t pronouncing that there is NEVER, EVER whatever that simply occurs past our manipulate, nor that we are not sympathetic while a person gets slammed by way of the sudden. However, it does say that by using planning we can ALL be MUCH greater a success and happier. That, with the aid of planning, we’ll head off likely eighty-90% of all surprises and grow to be plenty greater a hit. We’ve gotten into the habit of accepting excuses, and that has encouraged humans to cause them to in place of keep away from them.

When you assert “no excuses” don’t make it sound like a reprimand. Make it clear that we, as a team, have a fine plan to avoid the issues that reason the want for explaining away why a person didn’t supply on agenda, or as promised. It’s announcing, we will usually deliver on time via heading off what reasons the slip ups.

I’ve seen my customers extra than double the effects they deliver at the same time as raising the team’s level of passion and exhilaration. It does paintings!

First, show your team the importance of “no excuses” and focusing on “getting effects.” Show them how to plot ahead, and make it clear that after some thing is vital to you because the chief, to the business, and the 4d result live of now not delivering are tremendous, that we plan to make it occur even over obstacles which might be always there. No Excuses.

Successful people do not make excuses. They deliver, they get consequences. Therefore, we are helping everybody on our crew grow to be a hit even if matters occur.

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